Book Review – The World of the Witcher

The World Of The Witcher
Before going into the actual book review, I first have to mention that one of the reasons why I think The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the best game I’ve ever played is because of it’s beautify story. The main story in the game was written in such a way that anyone how had either read the novels, only played the first two Witcher games, or who is playing the game for the first time. Will all have an amazing story driven gaming experience.

Though, I firmly believe in order to fully enjoy The Witcher games, you have to read the novels and know the universe. Their is simply just to much lore, it’s practically impossible to know everything in the games without first having read the novels. So, if for whatever reason you don’t want to take the time to read the novels, then this book a great introduction to the Witcher universe. Visually, this hardcover book is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful illustrations from all three Witcher games and its settings. The book is divided into five chapters:
1. The World and Its Inhabitants
2. The Witchers
3. The Magic and Religions of the Continent
4. The Beasts of the Northern Kingdoms
5. Geralt of Rivia

The book narrates events from the very begging of world, up the most major events The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This means that there are some spoilers from both The Witcher saga and the games. At 179 pages, obviously this book doesn’t go into deep detail about events in the Witcher universe, but it does do a good job giving you a comprehensive high overview of the world. The chapters are described from Villentretenmerth, Yennefer, Geralt, and Dandallion’s point of view and perspective.

As of the time of this writing this book is priced at $27.19 on Amazon. Although the quality of this book is very well made and worth the steep price. I feel this book is more aimed for Witcher fanatics like myself, that love to collect items from this awesome fantasy series. For the casual person wanting to learn about the Witcher universe, instead I highly recommend checking out “The Witcher Lore Series” on YouTube. The video series cover almost all topics in this book and they’re well narrated. I felt like I watching a NatGeo or History Channel documentary.

Thus said, if you live near a Barnes & Noble store, then I highly suggest going there, buy yourself a large latte and read this book. It took me about 2-3 hours to read this book in its entirety.

The alternative media can’t be trusted

Even the so called “alternative media” can’t be trusted. Info Wars and The Young Turks are arguably the two of the major alternative media organizations that I get my news from. I know, I know they both tend tell a lot of complete utter bullshit, but I digress. This week, their was an incident between these two camps during the Republican National Convention that literally made my blood boil.

Alex Jones made Cenk Uygur snap on air. Normally I would’ve careless of what happens between these two, but the way Alex Jones went about it made me absolutely furious. Alex Jones made a completely false claim, asserting that The Young Turks are “pro Saudi Arabia”, and like the typical petulant schoolboy troll that he is, he then stated that Ana Kasparian is a “jihadist”. Ironically, from this I see Alex Jones’ actions embody the exact same behavior I see from idiot liberals. A typical idiot liberal would call someone they don’t agree with, names like “racist” or “nazi”, and on this case the idiot Alex Jones is calling out names “pro Saudi Arabia” and “jihadist” to The Young Turks simply because they don’t agree with him on other subjects.

Alex Jone’s behavior is of no surprise. The lunatic is a complete attention whore, and would do absolutely anything to get himself be seen or heard on any media platforms. For example, he quickly jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon, and even compared him to George Washington. The same Donald Trump that wants to ship back 12+ million illegal immigrants and wants to amend the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which the thought of this should make any real Libertarian terrified. Alex Jones entire career is based on conspiracy theories, and now all of a sudden he is trusting what could be a future government to touch our constitution and essentially violate our individual liberties. While it seems it wasn’t to long ago that he was against such government actions, yet now it’s a complete different story. This is a clear evidence of how much of a fraud Alex Jones really is.


Liberal or Conservative, neither alternative media can be trusted.

Bernie Sanders is a fraud


To my shock (insert sarcastic face here) the so called anti Wall Street candidate Bernie Sanders has just endorsed to what is now probably the most corrupt pro Wall Street politician of my lifetime, Hillary Clinton. So now I wonder, will the small violent sect of scum Sander’s supporters going to interrupt Trump or Clinton’s political rallies?

Sander’s endorsement to Clinton is just as hilarious as Newt Gingrich’s endorsement to Donald Trump. The so called “outsider” endorsed and loved by a total insider, Gingrich.

U.S. 2016, what a shit year this is turning out to be..

Book Review – Lady of the Lake (fan translation)

Lady of the LakeFirst and foremost, a huge thanks to the awesome Witcher community for their work on this novel translation. Holyshit, this book is awesome, and the fact that it’s not the official English version shouldn’t persuade anyone from reading the last book in the Witcher saga. It did had a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, however after all, even the official English translations had their own spelling and grammar mistakes as well! This is the last book in the Witcher saga, the longest, and possibly tied with Time of Contempt as my favorite book in all of the Witcher series.


Unlike in the previous books, certain settings take place in the future after all the events in the saga.
Having already played the Witcher games, and read through a good chunk of the Witcher wiki, I already knew how certain major events unfolded. In contrast to what many people in the Witcher subreddit reactions, the ending didn’t bother me quite much. Sure, I definitely got a teary eye, and was in a “what the fuck did just happened?” moment. The ending sure made the reader aware that the main protagonist in the Witcher saga is Ciri.


The alternate ending to the Witcher saga is essentially The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Theirs no doubt the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s main story is oscar worthy amazing. Reading the entire saga, and playing the video games, I can’t stop praising the work of Andrzej Sapkowski for creating an amazing universe and for CD Projekt Red for visualizing and extending this epic fantasy series. If theirs anything I would’ve like to seen or changed in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was more content relating Yennefer and Ciri mother daughter relationship. Since the game mainly focused on the relationship between Geralt and Ciri, even up to the point were Ciri herself physically resembles Geralt. Yet, in the novels, the bond between Yennefer and Ciri appeared to be stronger than Geralt’s. Thus said, a fan made video that beautifully summarizes the bond between the three main characters in the entire Witcher saga; Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer.
(SPOILERS if you haven’t played the game, no spoilers if you haven’t read the saga)

Book Review – The Tower of the Swallow

The Tower of the SwallowThe title of this book sparked a debate on the Witcher subreddit, the US translation has it as “The Tower of Swallows” while the UK has it as “The Tower of the Swallow”. The majority agreeing with the latter, upon finishing reading the book I also agree the correct title should’ve been The Tower of the Swallow. So in addition with the horrible book covers, and publishing Blood of Elves before Sword of Destiny, yet another fuck up from Orbit Books publishing.

The fourth book in The Witcher saga, The Tower of the Swallow has more emphasis on Ciri. The majority of this book is narrative from Ciri’s point of view. In this book you finally learn how she got the scar in her face, as well as her tattoo in her inner thigh. By now you already know Ciri is actually the main protagonist in the saga (no this is not a spoiler), because in addition to the majority of this book being narrative from Ciri’s point of view, the book also focused more on the political situation, and then finally Geralt’s quest of rescuing Ciri comes into the equation. Anyone expected to read of Geralt killing monsters on this book will be slightly disappointed.

More characters are introduced in this book. Avallac’h finally appears, among others both evil and good. So far, in my opinion this book is the most darkest and violent one in The Witcher series. Sapkowski doesn’t sugar coat or hides the violence characters endure in this book.

FuboTV Review

fubo-tvI’ve been using FuboTV’s streaming service for a couple of weeks, and I absolutely love it. Finally a paid live football streaming service that I’ve been wishing for the longest time. I’m really impressed of the service from this fairly unknown company. The price for FuboTV is perfect. The basic package of $9.99 will give access to most games (important ones) from La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Liga Portugal, Liga MX, MLS, and Brasileirao. I opted to also get an additional Spanish Add-On which gives access to additional channels from Mexico and South America. A mere total of $12.99 gives me access to almost all football I need. As as said during my Kodi Review, having streaming access to live and on-demand video is the future of television entertainment media. With FuboTV, having access channels like BeinSport and GolTV is absolutely amazing.

My Setup
Since Kodi is my primary media server, I was fairly disappointed to see their isn’t an official video add-on for FuboTV. So instead, I opted to buy a Chromecast. So via my Android phone, the Chromecast device feeds the signal to my TV. It simply cannot get any more easier.

The quality of the streams is fairly good. Certainly not perfect, their been some occasions where the stream either dropped completely (had to manually reconnect) or it only had audio but not video. Thus said, it’s multi-bitrate streaming is fairly good, the streams will switch to higher or lower bitrates without any buffering whatsoever. The only thing bad about FuboTV is that they don’t accept PayPal. Aside from Amazon, I avoid buying things online from vendors that don’t offer PayPal. In fact, this was reason why I didn’t jumped onto their streaming service right away. Also, the streaming service is only for people in the U.S., though anyone around the world can easily by-pass this restriction via a VPN, but I digress.

Now, the only thing I can hope for is to FuboTV to have the streaming rights for Fox Sports/Deportes and NBC Sports. With these additional networks we’ll have access to the Copa Libertatores, Champions League, Bundesliga, and the EPL.

My problem with Social Justice Warriors

Free speech is under assault and SJWs are leading the way. It’s not an oppressive government (at least here in the U.S.A.), but rather a fairly large vocal population that has the false belief that certain people have it easy in life simply because of the color of their skin or because of their gender. I have no problem with people believing these false assertions. The problem with SJWs is that if you disagree with them, their reaction will be try to censor you. The notion of freedom of speech is their’s and no others, and the only excuse to combat their bogus believes is labeling you as a racist. The perpetually offended is such a frightening force. We have to look beyond the simple stupid things as “safe spaces” to the much more serious ones like first world feminists on Twitter censoring you simply because you disagree with them, and Facebook censoring former ex-Muslims because current Muslims deemed it offensive.

Having a subset of society dictate our freedom is almost as frightening as if a government doing so. It’s no secret that I absolutely love The Witcher universe. Yet, even tough the series is based on Slavic mythology and Polish history, SJWs criticized the game because it didn’t had any minorities in it. On a similar fashion, how the Academy awards are under constant scrutiny for not having enough minorities nominated for such thing. All of this for political correctness.

Not All Hope Is Lost

I can’t help but see SJWs as being absolute idiots. Being born in this country or living here, SJWs don’t realize in fact how privilege they really are. While in other places I can’t help but admire those people with no such freedom and risk their life by speaking of things such as criticizing their government, femicides in Latin America, equal rights for women in Muslim countries, to name a few.

The Irony

Universities should be a place where people share ideas, knowledge, and obviously apply critical thinking to decide on conclusions your own. Yet if for example a speaker were to give a speech in a college campus and SJWs don’t agree with such speaker, chances are they’ll try do do just about anything to censor him or her.

Ron Paul

I utterly despise Donald Trump, and see him a big threat to our civil liberties. Yet, there have been multiple political rallies where citizens were forced to abandon them, and in some occasions prevent from attending them altogether. Ironically, the people taking away your freedom of speech are the ones advocating for “free college tuition” and “free healthcare”. So it’s no shock to see Trump’s popularity skyrocket at frightening levels as a result of people having enough of SWJs.

Cultural Libertarian

Canadian libertarian commentator Lauren Southern does a good job describing how SWJs are even changing libertarianism itself.