Book Review – The Last Wish: Introducing The Witcher

The Last Wish
I loved the main story in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so it was an absolute no brainer that I was also going to read all the books of this amazing dark fantasy series. The original story/books are written in Polish, so initially I was a little worry the English translation might be either not great or literally lost in translation, however The Last Wish: Introducing The Witcher was an enjoyable read. The Witcher universe has a lot of Eastern European folklore and mythology which I had to refer to Google to fully understand what Sapkowski was exactly referring too.

This is the first book of the massive and complex Witcher universe (The official Wiki has over 5k pages!). Amazing how reading the book, thanks to the video game I can picture the stories that it narrates.

NO SPOILERS: It was cool reading the backstories of Geralt himself, how he met Yennefer, his adventures with Dandelion, and most importantly to the Witcher saga itself, the relationship between Princess Pavetta and Duny. I also found it amusing that the books describes events that are exactly as of the major Walt Disney fairy tales stories, almost implying that The Witcher is the opposite of the traditional Disney fairy tales. As well as finally learning why Geralt dislikes traveling through portals.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Best video game I’ve ever played

I’m not much of a gamer, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is hands down the best video game I’ve ever played. Holyshit this game is amazing. Having played over 200 hours to complete the main story, not including all possible quests, hell I’m even definitely buying the additional expansion pack to continue playing this masterpiece of a game. I haven’t played any of the previous Witcher games, but this massive beautiful open world game; has an amazing story, lots of great characters, and an absolutely incredible soundtrack. In my humble opinion this game is one of best games ever to be created and certainly the best game I’ve ever played. So it’s no surprise to see this game winning tons of awards.



Watching the launch trailer after completing the game literally gave me a teary eye.

Bye 2015

What crazy year 2015 turned out to be.
A year where I turned 29.
A year where terrorism hit very close to home.
A year where first world feminists gave a speech in front of the United Nations, advocating for internet censorship, simply because people call them out on their bullshit.
A year where sadly, ignorance and bigotry is embraced by a large portion in this country.
A year where a very small, yet vocal minority gets offended by just about anything.

Cheers 2015, not before I mention the following:
Fuck Donald Trump
Fuck Radical Islam
Fuck First World Feminism
Fuck Social Justice Warriors

Lastly, if this blog post offends you, Fuck You.

Donald Trump wants to “shutdown the internet”

Donald Trump goes full retarded, yet again. All of my adult life I’ve been amazed of the stupidity of liberals, but now Donald Trump is making realize how fucking stupid the conservative base is as well. The fact that this man has taken a piss on all Latin Americans, women, Muslims, and yet continues to be the most popular GOP candidate, is absolutely mind-boggling. On the last GOP debate, he suggested an absolutely terrifying plan on censoring the internet to combat ISIS, almost as if he hasn’t heard or doesn’t have a clue of the National Security Agency and their role in Cyber Warfare.

What angers me more about the Republican base, is that these Trump supporters only seem to love him because he acts like a tough politically incorrect personality that insistent part of the establishment. So I ask my self, were these fucking idiot Trump supporters alive during the 2008 and 2012 elections when Ron Paul ran for President? Oddly enough Rand Paul shredded Donald Trump to pieces on his ridiculous plan, however given Rand Paul’s popularity and Trump’s poll numbers, it doesn’t look like the conservative base even cared.

Retro Gaming with RetroPie

Holyshit, RetroPie is one awesome Raspbian based distro. Regardless what people think of emulation, RetroPie is every retro gamers wet dream. I purchased Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and a Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad just for the sole purpose of installing and using RetroPie.

RetroPie Splash Screen

The install process was dead simple, practically just a matter of downloading the correct SD-card image for my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and dd the image onto the SD-card device. It simply can’t get any easier than this to get RetroPie up and running on your Raspberry Pie. I did however, had to do a few manual tweaks. First, I reset the default user name and password. Then, I had to manually expand the SD-card storage using
sudo raspi-config

Thirdly, my TV was not outputting any sound, so I had to comment the following line in /boot/config.txt

Additionally, since I also purchased a wireless USB dongle, I had manually connect it to my wifi network. Luckily, RetroPie includes a GUI interface for connecting to your wifi network, instead of manually using wpa_supplicant.

Configuring my Raspberry Pi 2 Case Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad was also fairly straight forward process. Basically as you connect the Gamepad for the first time, EmulationStation will detect the device, spawn the initially game pad configuration. Which is just of matter of mapping the matching button types respectively. After the initial configuration, the game pad is all set and ready to use.

The EmulationStation interface, although not the prettiest. It is absolutely simple and straight forward to use. Their is practically no need to have a keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi because the interface can be completely managed using the game pad controller. Uploading roms to RetroPie is just a matter of copying over files onto a specific directory, and restart EmulationStation. RetroPie even ships with pre-configured samba shares,  so it’s easier for Windows users to upload rooms onto RetroPie.


With the stock RetroPie install, you’re limited to just single player mode. If you want to have multiplayer support, you’ll have to purchase and configure an additional GPIO adapter.
Also, regarding the Raspberry Pi 2 itself, it’s network interface only being 100/mbs. My wifi usb drive has better throughput than having the Raspberry Pie wired.

I don’t want to endorse piracy, but you can literally find entire NES/SNES, Game Boy (Color and Advance), and Sega game libraries on the interwebs, and have them all playable within your $30 Raspberry Pi2.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Case
Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad
Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Death of Free Speech


For starters, I’m a Millenial and also considered a minority (although in the state of California, the Latino population is technically the majority, but I digress).

A survey was made by the  Pew Research Center which found 40% of Millennials support government intervention on censoring offensive speech to minorities. After reading the article, the first thing that came to mind, is this finding is not only terrifying, but at the same time, not surprising at all. As an example, let’s take illegal immigration. Spanish news media outlets refuse to label “illegal” immigrants as “illegal”, instead they opt to use the term “undocumented”, because they considered the term illegal to be derogatory. Illegal, undocumented, what’s the bloody fucking difference?! They’re both the same thing. We’re living in an era of political correctness, that’s beyond mind boggling. Interestingly enough, Drudge Report had a feature article about a High School cheer-leading student that made a tweet which some seemed as being offensive, thus resulting in her removed from the team.

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

This research reminded me of the fiasco a few months ago back, at the University of California Irvine, were the student council wanted to ban the U.S. flag because they seemed it as being offensive.

American Universities are breeding grounds of Liberal and Socialist ideologies, so it’s not surprising that a generation who hasn’t experienced any threats to their first amendment, would support such restriction to their freedom. We live in a world where feminists under fraudulent claims, can go to the United Nations, and give a speech to promote internet censorship, now a substantial percentage of a generation of young Americans favor limiting free speech.


U.S. Millennials More Likely to Support Censoring Offensive Statements About Minorities

Kodi on a Raspberry Pi and IPTV

Raspberry PieThanks to Kodi running on a Raspberry Pie, I’ve officially cancelled my service with Dish Network. I hardly watch any television, and the little TV I do watch, is either available within Kodi, or as a podcast for free.

Internet television is the present and future. Quite frankly I don’t see why people continue to pay for their television service. With the help internet, on-demand television has practically changed the way we consumed video content. The rise of YouTube, and services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc., means we no longer have to pay a giant fee each month to only watch a handful of channels. I mean really, who the fuck watches most of the channels included in a cable/satellite package?

What makes Kodi unique, and the reason why I love it, is that you have access to a large range of channels for free. Access to HD movies, international channels, and live sports, makes Kodi an absolute Apple TV killer. Obviously the legality of the bootleg video content accessible within Kodi is something to have in question, but in my opinion, companies should really look at this as a way to make additional money. For example, I would love to see someday The Premier League offering a season pass with access to all live matches via a stream medium. I wouldn’t hesitate paying The Premier League $250 – $300 US dollars a season, if it meant having access to all matches without the need of a cable or satellite service. Until then, I will continue to watch the games via Kodi.

These are my favorite and in my opinion, absolute must have Kodi Video Add-ons:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Navi-X
  3. Genesis
  4. NJM Soccer

My setup:
Raspberry Model B (powered via TV USB)
Edimax EW-7811Un Wifi
Official Kodi Remote

(Sample Kodi Dashboard)



Deadly Sin in Football

So Fox Soccer and TV Azteca have made one of the deadly sins in football. That is politics should NEVER ever, get involved in the game. Like with religion, politics should never be mixed with football, since it will only instigate violence. I was shocked to see that Fox soccer was using Donald Trump in their US vs. Mexico match broadcasting promotional ad. On the other hand, I wasn’t surprised with TV Azteca, after all they’re a major scum Mexican government propaganda machine. So it’s no surprised to see the ethics be completely ignore.

This is action clearly shows the current state of media outlets. Try to do just about anything for a positive television rating turnout. This is beyond disgusting.

Fox Soccer

TV Azteca