2016 Presidential Election One Week Later

Fuck Christianity, Trumpism is the largest religion in this country. A big part of my anger towards Donald Trump, aside the fact that he’s a liberal conman; was that I saw his Republican nomination essentially as a gift towards an imminent Hillary Clinton presidency. Man was I mistaken! I despise the corrupt scum of Hillary Clinton, it took a near perfect storm for her to lose the election. From the nightmare of what is illegal immigration, to people being fed up of the current political correctness environment, to WikiLeaks, to the FBI email server investigation, and to more importantly people wanting to see a change from the current political establishment in this country. However, as someone who is rational, I’m still not convinced whether Trump is the wise choice.

People follow the populists and stupidity is contagious. Donald Trump is the perfect example. After this presidential cycle, it’s become quite clear to me that no matter what political spectrum you fall in; left, right, or in between. People vote based on their feelings, rather than based on facts.

“I love the poorly educated.”

“Believe Me.”

I really should be happy because Hillary lost. After all it’s been somewhat fun to see some liberal’s stupid reactions of Trump winning the election.  However I see Trump, and I simply don’t know were the fuck this man seriously stands on issues or how easily he’s influenced by others. Possibly a positive side-effect of Trump is the fact that Republicans now control both the Senate and House of Representatives. So now it’s up to real conservatives to stand up against any possible Trump liberal or interventionist agenda. Thankfully people like Rand Paul are already starting do so. I really want to be optimistic for the next four years, but I have a feeling I’m going to be one of those people that says “Haha, I told you so…”.

“I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”

To conclude. I really should be excited, I’ll just ignore the stuff were our civil liberties will be violated. After all according to Trump, America is going to be great again. We’re going to build a wall, and get rid off rapist illegal aliens. He’s going to make really good trade deals because he’s an amazing deal maker and businessman. I’m so pumped to finally find out what the “secret” plan is to defeat ISIS is. I very much looking forward towards seeing Hillary Clinton be put in jail; lock her up. Obamacare is going to be repealed. I mean, with Trump theirs going to be so much winning, we’re going to get sick of winning…..
Sarcasm aside, believing Trump’s promises is a lot like believing Santa Claus still exists. So for a grown adult to do so, you have to be an absolute moron. Which according to last week’s election, theirs about 60 million of them.

Never Trump

I’ve been relatively quiet about the election these past few weeks, mainly because it’s depressing see how moronic Trump supporters are. I’ve taken Hillary out of the equation since the mere fact of supporting what is possibly the most corrupt and less transparent presidential candidate; automatically makes you a fucking moron.

So we’re on the eve to what is the most horrible presidential election of my lifetime so far. This nightmare of a presidential election started back in June of 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  Which at the time, I didn’t take seriously, and man was I mistaken. Little that I knew that both liberal and conservative media were going to jump straight on the Trump bandwagon. For the liberal media it was understandingly, but it’s been absolutely disgusting to see the “conservative” media be in the tank for Donald Trump.

All my adult life, I always thought the left were bunch of morons. However thanks to Donald Trump. The right can also be equally if not more retarded. Given Donald Trump’s history and ongoing stand on policies, the fact that this liberal conman got the Republican Presidential nomination; has to be one of the greatest scam in modern politics.

To understand Trump’s popularity you have to understand how he got the nomination. Trump has received between 2 and 3 billion dollars of free advertisement. This means that for the media outlets, a Trump presidential run meant fantastic business (ratings). However I was shocked to see that all major “conservatives” were also on the tank for Trump. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Trump is NOT a conservative, but a pathological liar, and that a Trump presidency will make it easier for a liberal agenda.

It’s absolutely mind boggling to see Trump claim that the election is rigged by the mainstream media, and by the big banks. When in fact, the media turned him into a celebrity for decades and now boosted his presidential candidacy by giving him free advertisement, while the banks saved him from financial failure! What’s even more fucking shocking is seeing other so called “libertarians” support this liberal conman! How the fuck they don’t see Trump as a dangerous authoritarian that poses a great threat to our civil liberties is beyond amazing.

When I first heard the above clip a few weeks ago, I was completely dismayed. Hearing Rush Limbaugh saying that he didn’t took Trump seriously on his policies during the GOP primaries made me absolutely furious. I was once a massive Limbaugh fan, and if their was a conservative figure that could’ve destroyed Trump from the begging and prevented this fucking cancer to grow to what it is right now, it would’ve been Rush Limbaugh. Unfortunately, Rush decided to sit on his hands and the rest is history.

I honestly tried really hard to like Trump. I even told myself, maybe this old man, all his life faked being a liberal, only to near end of his life turning conservative for the good of our country. My theory only lasted a couple of minutes. It only takes a couple of Google searches, and reading Trump’s Twitter timeline to realize the man is a liberal conman who duped the Republican base to giving him the nomination.

Practically identical to John Ziegler’s, my evolution on Donald Trump went as follow:

  • Initial outraged – called him a cunt
  • Confound confused – saw him rise in the GOP primaries
  • Hopeful skeptic – for a moment thought maybe he was the anti-establishment politician we needed
  • Dumbfounded disgust – realized he is a complete conman
  • Frustrated acceptance – realized Trump supporters are a bunch of fucking idiots
  • Confused fear – realized Trump doesn’t have a change in hell of beating Hillary Clinton
  • Abject anger – fuck the conservative media


Donald Trump embodies the reason I’m an agnostic. We all had science class in school, and in our projects we learned about the scientific theory experiment on which we observed a problem, trough initial observation set hypothesis for our experiment, then we finally did our experiments to verify whether our hypothesis was conclusive or nor. In the real world this teaches us to be curious or question things in life. This means we should research about that subject we have in questioned, and try to concluded our findings. This correlates exactly with Trump supporters. They simply ignore basic rational, and want to believe in the things they desperately want to be truth.

I utterly despised the liberal mainstream media, but after this election I hate the so called “conservative” media even more. After Trump clinched the GOP nomination, it was all over for the general election. Hillary will win (If you don’t believe this, either you’re completely clueless about American politics, or you’re a fucking idiot). We only have the following frauds to blame:
FUCK YOU Sean Hannity
FUCK YOU Matt Drudge
FUCK YOU Steve Bannon
FUCK YOU Alex Jones

The only silver lining in all of this is the #NeverTrump people. It makes me happy to see that they’re conservatives out there that didn’t drank the Trump kool-aid and called him out on his bullshit. It’s been a breath of fresh air watching or listening major conservative people like Ben Shapiro, Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck (who I used to despise), and John Ziegler. Of whom all mentioned the latter one completely revolutionized my politics as a teenager and even now as an adult.

On the last election, I angrily ranted about how Mitt Romney not working harder enough to convince Ron Paul supporters to vote for him. Now I wished Romney was our option instead of the liberal conman. I would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton (or for any democrat candidate for that matter), and I’d rather drink my own piss than for voting for Donald Trump. I mailed by ballot last week, so needless to say I voted for neither Clinton or Trump.

My only hope is for a majority Republican congress so it can nullify what will some potential awful liberal Clinton policies instead of having a Republican congress rollover a Trump liberal agenda.
But more importantly I want Trump to lose BIG so that a clear message is given to all the fucking idiot Trump supporters that their false messiah was heavily rejected by the people.

Why libertarians won’t be taking seriously anymore

With two liberals running for office this year in both of our major political parties, you would think it be an awesome opportunity for a smart outspoken Libertarian candidate to shine. As a registered Libertarian myself, it’s been sad to see Gary Johnson ridicule what it means to be a libertarian. Whether by doing some absolutely stupid antics while being interviewed, to supporting Trans-Pacific Partnership, and to flat out acting stupid. It’s really hard to defend Johnson’s stupidity at times.

To me, he is no stranger since after all he was also the Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2012. But to many, this is the first time, they’ve heard of him, but more importantly first heard of what “libertarianism” mean. Unfortunately Johnson failed to portray what it means to be a libertarian. In layman terms, all three major pillars of the libertarian philosophy is someone who is beliefs in the principal of non-aggression, personal responsibility, and self-ownership.

Philosophically I consider myself a libertarian/conservative. So I lost count how many times I cringed each time Johnson mentioned a “libertarian is someone who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal” during interviews.

Libertarians are now going to be seen as a joke
So when I first heard John McAfee was going to be at the Libertarian Convention seeking the nomination, I knew they the convention was going to be complete joke. Boy was I right on that. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee did a job reporting the circus of was this year’s Libertarian Party convention.

The fact that Gary Johnson had to be elected a second time around during the convention caused a lot of controversy within the Party. Yet, when you realize the opponents he wad during convention, Johnson was the only one sane, qualified, and quite frankly the only one that didn’t looked like a complete nut-job. So to many it was understandably why he eventually got the nomination.

Thanks to Hillary and Trump’s negative popularity. The option of opting for a legitimate third party option has been missed, and more importantly, spreading the libertarian philosophy.  Growing up, I wrongfully initially tough libertarians as being a bunch of lunatic anarchists. Whether that was good or bad, now people (young ones at least) will think of libertarians as being a bunch of stoners.

Many fucking morons claim the imminent death of the Libertarian Party. Either they’re retarded or  simply don’t understand that a philosophy can’t die.

ITT-Technical Institute Shuts Down






It’s been a couple of weeks that the college I graduated from is officially no more. I’m happy to see its gone for good. If anything, it should be a big warning towards other private for-profit schools that operate in a similar fashion. Shortly after I enrolled in the ITT-Tech campus that I attended. I was told by another student that the school was on lock-down for a day because of a raid made by the FBI because allegedly the school was giving students all PASSING grades so they can qualify for additional scholarships! Additionally, I witnessed first hand ITT-Tech’s shady student recruiting tactics. Simply imagine a used car salesman. One of the biggest problems with for-profit schools is how insanely expensive they are compared to a traditional public community colleges or universities. This is were the problem lies with with these corrupt for-profit schools. Their goal was to essentially recruit new students who are generally low income, have dead-end jobs, and see the school as key to a better future. Ultimately so that the school can guarantee themselves the government subsidized student loans, by means of the student paying 3-5 times more than a regular college admission.

John Oliver did a really good segment in his show describing the current state of our $1.2 trillion dollars student debt crisis.

Aside from the cost, the majority of the education provided by the school was horrible. Up to this day, I’m still angry I wasn’t able to do much “hands on training” during class, even though that was one of their signature marketing scheme!!! I’m still pissed off almost 10 years later! For example, the fact that I wasn’t able to use a Cisco router during my Cisco class! The same thing goes when the time when I wanted to use Microsoft Exchange which was part of our learning material/project, yet the school didn’t even provided us with a working valid license to do our fucking assignments. There were other occasions were I felt like I knew more about the subject than the actual instructor teaching the class!


I may be an anomaly
Ever since I remembered I’ve always wanted to have career in Information Technology and like many high school students my goal was to go a regular four-year university and major in Computer Science. Long story short, I ended up dropping out of high school (12 years later I’m still proud of my decision). I knew then, it was going to take me more than four years for me to attend and graduate from a traditional university. ITT-Tech was there, so I enrolled and the rest is history.

Not everything ITT-Tech was terrible. I did had some very intelligent instructors which I did learn a lot from. The school certainly gave me the foundations of Information Technology that I use on a day-to-day basis. So one thing that I absolutely can’t stand and makes me furious is seeing other ITT-Tech students blame the school for their misfortune. If you really study, and by that I mean you didn’t cheated; read all textbooks, did all your homework, and took the time to learn the material yourself. Like this moron. Then you are the one to blame and not the school.

At the end of the day hard work pays off, no matter of the school you went too. I graduated from ITT-Tech in September 2008. My only disadvantage was the fact that I had over $40,000 of student loans compared to a traditional Comp Sci university graduate who had a lesser amount of student loan debt. I worked and studied my ass off through out my entire time at ITT-Tech. I didn’t had any problems finding a job after graduating, and was able to pay off my student loans about five years after graduating. I’m a Systems Engineer/DevOps, and I’m at a point of my career were I don’t have to look for employment, but rather people seek me to join them. Hell, I’ve been contacted by recruiters/hiring managers and with some even interviewed with; major tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Sony, LinkedIn, Pandora, to named a few. So, I just shrug off whenever I see or hear idiots say no company wants to hire ITT-Tech graduates.

Antichrist Superstar 20 years later

Antichrist SuperstarToday is exactly 20 years since the release of what is on my opinion one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Antichrist Superstar is arguably the most influential piece of music of my life. I was in the fifth grade and 10-11 years old when I first saw the music video for The Beatiful People on MTV. Yes, back when MTV actually played music, but I digress. This was practically my first exposure to rock music. The dark and shockingly weird imagery of Marilyn Manson in this music video and on top of that, the amazing guitar riffs, made me fall in love with rock music.

I remember desperately wanting to buy the album but not having enough money to do so. It wasn’t until a few months later, and now on the 6th grade. My best friend, which I didn’t knew at the time was also a massive Marilyn Manson fan. He lend me the CD, and shortly later I bought it from him. This was around the same time Marilyn Manson performed The Beautiful on the 1997 MTV Music Video awards. And so I was hooked.

I listened to Antichrist Superstar every single day. I loved the album so much, that I also bought it on cassette tape so I can listen to it on my walkman. I will forever cherish the memories of listening to this fantastic album on my walkman while taking public transportation to go to and from middle school.

The “evil” or “satanic” gimmick of Marilyn Manson didn’t bothered be at all, nor did I tried to be like it. Ironically, it was amusing watching a local tv station broadcast a Marilyn Manson live Antichrist Superstart video every Christmas eve.

I clear indication of how great this album is, is the fact every single song is amazing. I didn’t even had to skip any of the songs while playing the entire album. 20 years later, I still firmly believe this album is an absolute masterpiece. I can easily listen to it from start to finish and enjoy every single second of it.

Sadly, my admiration towards Marilyn Manson’s music was short lived. Just as I blown away by the amazing music in Antichrist Superstar, the follow-up album Mechanical Animals was such a massive let down. I will never forget the first week of 7th grade, Mechanical Animals was released and going to my local Blockbuster music store to buy the cassette tape, and be denied the purchase of it because of the fucking parental advisory sticker!


Though I was able to buy Mechanical Animals from a Blockbuster employee that basically gave zero fucks on selling a parental advisory album to a minor. Only to end up in plain disappointment. Going from a really dark theme metal album to a sort of industrial/glam rock tone sound, was a massive drastic change that I never understood.

Up to this day, I haven’t listen to any new Marilyn Manson music since 1998’s Mechanical Animals. Needless to day, Antichrist Superstar opened up a pandora’s box, because after Marilyn Mason, I then started to listen to Rob Zombie and Korn. Of which that followed to my Slipknot, Coal Chamber phased, then followed by the Soulfly/Sepultura, Slayer, In Flames phase. Ultimately ending now to very little metal music that I listen too, if any.

I can’t think of any album that has such an impact on my teenage years (pre-teenage) than Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Superstar.

America needs more outspoken black libertarians

Larry Elder slapping everyone with facts, logic, and common sense.

“I am a bigger threat to their whole ideology than almost anybody else. A black guy who does not believe he is a victim. A black guy who believes in hard work, and personal responsibility. A black guy who doesn’t believe in handouts. A black guy who doesn’t believe in a welfare state. A black guy who doesn’t believe in affirmative action.”

– Larry Elder

Ben Shapiro Absolutely Nailed It

We nominated a fake conservative con man that’s going to get annihilated on the general election, and the mainstream media is to blame. Essentially giving the con man almost 2 billion dollars of free advertisement during the primaries all for the notion of higher ratings. Fox, Drudge, and Breitbart are all in tank for Trump only for the sole meaning that it means better business for them. They sold out conservatism for a bigger paycheck, and now in the case of Sean Hannity (and Joe Scarborough to name a few), is panicking and blaming others for their decision. In the case of Drudge and Breitbart, they still continue to live in a fantasy land where Trump is a conservative and going to win the general election.

MacBook Air SSD upgrade

macbook_airI own a mid 2012 MacBook Air 11 inch, and for the longest time I mistakenly thought that the hard drive was soldered into the main board. I’ve even considered purchasing a new fully spec 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 13 because of the 128 GB hard drive space limitation I had. So I was really happy to see Other World Computing (aka MacSales) selling new hard drives for old MacBook Air machines like mine. I’m a big fan of OWC, and have bought their Mac Mini data doubler product in the past to upgrade my Mac Mini’s to dual SSD drives.

Installing the new SSD is really simple process. The only problem I encountered was completely my fault. OWC has two offerings, one is just the SSD for $199.99, and the second is the SSD Upgrade Kit for $219.99, which includes custom Pentalobe screwdriver that is needed to open MacBook Air. I only purchased the SSD drive, so I had to made a quick run to my local Fry’s store and purchase the iFixit Pentalobe screwdriver. That’s why I would suggest simply buying the SSD Upgrade Kit since it also includes an external USB enclosure that gives you the ability to use the old SSD as an external USB drive.

After installing the new SSD, then it was just a matter of connecting an external USB drive where I saved my encrypted Time Machines backups too, and restore from the lasted backup. My MacBook Air was up and running in less than two hours with a new bigger and faster 480GB SSD.

I’ve just added new life to my four year old MacBook Air. Performance has never been a problem with my laptop. At most, I’ll run two virtual machines concurrently. So for the type of work I do, the 8GB’s of RAM is sufficient enough for my needs. Now the increased of storage, I see myself continue using the MacBook Air easily for another 3-5 more years.