Firefox getting slower and slower

It seems like firefox is getting slower and slower in all platforms. It crashes like hell in OS X and it is painful slow in Windows. In Linux is runs OK except when it freezes for every 2-3 minutes. I’m sorry to say but I’m getting closer to ditch firefox for a different browser.

2 thoughts on “Firefox getting slower and slower

  1. I have never thought Firefox was the great browser everyone has said it is.
    I think the Microsoft haters and open source people were trying to convince us
    that it was the next standard in browser’s. I use both Mac’s and PC’s and find that Firefox does have some problems in both platforms. I have always had plug-in issues and I still do not like the fonts and the text rendering.
    Plus, even after a few years of Firefox gaining a percentage of browser market. Many web sites still do not work well with Firefox.
    Even though I am not a fan boy of Microsoft. I still end up going back to IE on the PC platform. Safari works the best for Mac. In fact I find less sites that don’t work with Safari then I do with Firefox?Yes, I know Firefox fan’s will say this is a web site designer problem and not with Firefox. But it still does not solve the problem by placing the blame on the web designer.
    We still have the problem.

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