Lawlessness in Mexico

On the same day where the leader of “La Linea”, organization responsible for the car bomb that killed two Federal Policemen and a paramedic. The Mexican government finds out that 17 killings committed in nothern Mexico last week, were perpetrated by hitman already in prisoned. Apparently the jailed hitman were allowed to leave their cells […]

Charles Bowden interview

Charles Bowden is a very smart person, but comparing the Mexican Drug War to the Vietnam War is absolutely ridiculous. In Bowden eyes, “It’s turned into a War by the Mexican government against the Mexican people”. According to United Nations organized crime adviser Edgardo Buscaglia, Mexican cartels need to be stop being categorized as drug […]

Speed up shell scripting

Once again the book Practical Ruby for System Administration by Ben Hamou taught me some pretty clever Ruby sysadmin scripting tricks. One of the scripts that the author used was to automatically populate the path to the Ruby interpreter, update the permissions to 755, and open the script in vi, all during the same process. […]

watch command line utility for alternative for Mac OS X

I recently purchased the book Practical Ruby for System Administration by Ben Hamou and one of the cool Ruby one-liner command line expressions is one that mimics the watch command. ruby -e ‘system “clear; df -h” while sleep 1′ Just like the author, for quite a while I’ve been kind of annoyed by the fact […]