Rush Limbaugh has brain damage

If you take enough pills, you’ll eventually get brain damage. The discovery of water on Mars is certainly one of the greatest scientific findings in human history, yet he decides to open his mouth and try to downplay the finding by stupidly compare it to climate change. It’s disgusting how he tries to politicize this […]

Black Lives Matter Bullshit Movement and it’s Ramifications

First off, all human lives matter. I’ve been fairly quiet about blogging of this absolute fraudulent George Soros funded Black Lives Matter movement, but this morning I came across a news report regarding an assault made to an elderly man in my home city of Santa Ana, CA that made my blood boil. The fact […]

John McAfee 2016

From Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and now John McAfee. The mainstream media both left and right, must be licking their tits of enjoyment to see how much of a circus the presidential election is turning into. This is quite clear with both CNN and Fox setting record viewership ratings on the GOP presidential candidate debates […]