Happy 20th Anniversary to Pokémon


The Pokémon game was first release 20 years ago, and it’s hard to believe it is been around 17 years that I first played Pokémon Red and Blue on my Game Boy pocket, and later on my Game Boy Color. Hell, Pokémon was the sole reason why I owned a Nintendo Game Boy on the first place. Such an amazing series and great game, I will forever cherish the wonderful memories I experienced playing this game as Pokémon played a major role of my preadolescence life.

As a side note, right after I completed the main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and was already suffering post-game depression. I thought to myself when was the last I’ve had such a feeling. Then I quickly remembered the last I felt the same way was when I first completed the Pokémon game. Perhaps the role-playing aspect of both The Witcher and Pokémon amazing universe’s, nevertheless.

Sadly, now days I have absolutely no clue of the current modern Pokémon universe, let alone any of the non 150 original Pokémon monsters.

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