Book Review – Blood of Elves

Blood of Elves This book is the start of epic Witcher Saga. The saga were the witcher Geralt of Rivia was destined to be the guardian of Ciri; the most important living thing in the world, whose prophecy said will change world. Having only played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I started reading the Witcher saga about 2 hours into the original Witcher PC game and I still haven’t not played the Witcher 2. So at this point I can’t really comment how all the games differentiate between the actual saga. Also, at this point having a strong knowleged of the the complex Witcher universe, I’m avoiding reading the Witcher Wiki in order to avoid any spoilers.

NO SPOILERS: Blood of Elves continues were Sword of Destiny finished. Ciri is still a child, and Geralt has taken her to Kaer Morhen. The game flawlessly portraits Vesimer exactly how he’s describes in this book. As a matter of fact, the game perfectly illustrated Ciri’s training in Kaer Morhen exactly how Andrzej Sapkowski wrote in the book, which totally brought a smile to my face while reading it.

Triss Marigold finally appears in the saga, and it was really cool reading how she first met Ciri. Yennefer also first meets Ciri in this book. Quite to their respective personalities of both Triss and Yennerfer, they both treat Ciri in their own unique way.

I really wasn’t aware how Ciri unknowingly is a key figure in the Nilfgaard Empire vs Nothern Kingdoms conflict. Additional, another important thing I learned by reading Blood of Elves and it really wasn’t mentioned on The Witcher 3 (as far as can remember) is the conflict between humans and elves. This is a real important thing in The Witcher saga, hence the title of the book.

This is such a good book, there were multiple times were a scene or circumstance stopped to go a different part of the story. Making me wish it continue in order to know what happened next.

Although the book doesn’t explicitly mentioned why, but Ciri already being sought after by evil entities.

Finally, key characters such as Philippa Eilhart, Dijkstra, and Shani also first appear on this book.

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