Book Review – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

I honestly thought twice about writing this “book review” post. Mainly because I’m wasn’t quite sure what to write about regarding this book. I avoid giving out any spoilers on my reviews, and this book is much like a beautiful piece of art that it’s not easily for anyone to describe.

This is the second volume in The Lord of The Rings novel. In this book you continue to be introduced a vast array of characters, most notably mortal men and other really cool nature based characters. The plot thickens, one of the main focal points in this book is Saruman’s involvement in the War of the Ring. Arguably one of my favorite characters is Gollum, and unlike in The Fellowship of the Ring, he plays a major role throughout this book.
From what I can see online, if their is one drawback about the LOTR or Tolkien in particular. Is how incredibly descriptive Tolkien’s writing is. I certainly felt this when reading The Two Towers. The way Tolkien describes the settings, is absolutely mind staggering. Seriously, it’s way to descriptive. Even for me, it felt somewhat overwhelming at times.

The more I continue to read the LOTR, the more fall in love with this amazing fantasy universe.

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