Replacing the Battery on my MacBook Air

Its finally come time to replace the original battery on 2012 MacBook Air 11 in. With over a thousand cycle counts, the battery was tagged as a “Replace Soon” condition by MacOS.

The battery would still charge perfectly fine, however with some light usage; it only lasted about an hour before it fully drained completely. I bought the replacement battery from OWC aka MacSales. At just $79 and free shipping, I think it’s an absolute barging. To makes things better, I received the battery two days after I ordered it. OWC is a company whose hardware I trust, and my laptop is using an SSD that I’ve bought from them. Similar to the SSD upgrade I did to my laptop last year, replacing the battery was a really easy process.

During the battery calibration process (though it was mostly idle), the new replacement battery life lasted over six hours. It’s amazing that with about $350 spent on the SSD upgrade and battery replacement, I’ve managed to effectively save myself from having to buy a new Apple laptop.

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